Numerous articles in the past year refer to studies that human attention spans have been surpassed by that of goldfish. I’ll keep this post brief, because Statistic Brain reports that only 28% of words are actually read on a typical web page of about 600 words.

Changes in communication have created more distractions in our lives than ever, challenging businesses to break through the noise and reach their customers. Business owners long to be taught something new about their business, but plowing through the daily avalanche of information is daunting on a good day. Moreover, creating emotional connections with customers in a way that fosters loyalty is increasingly difficult.

Paul Kingsman is the author of the book, The Distraction-Proof Advisor.Distraction Proof Advisor After reading that the average office worker checked email 30 times per hour in 2015, I was curious to ask Paul how financial advisors can penetrate the din and keep the attention of their clients and prospects. Also, financial advisors sound to me like “numbers people,” and I was interested to know how they are able to establish emotional connections, particularly in our digital world, so that people trust them with their hard-earned money.

My questions were answered when I spoke with Paul. Click here to read the published article.

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